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We give you the best interior design solutions including related services and fixed number of site visit to guide the execution work. We also help you resourcing materials & labor of best quality and in tendering and job allocation process if asked.


• Requirements froze out.

•  Site inspection & measurement.

•  Design and site development.

•  Initial Planning froze out.

•  Develop Basic 3D model.

•  Finalization of basic look in 3D.

•  Preparation of service & working drawing.

•  BOQ with detail specification,
make along with cost.

•  Cost control & Budgeting.

•  Helping in tendering and job
allocation process.

•  Releasing GFC Drawings.

•  Predecided site visit.

•  Pre handover visit with client &
preparing list of snags.

•  Checking of bills from different

Providing a set of as built drawings.

Our Responsibilities

•  Designing of space with all

•  BOQ with detail specification & cost.

•  Helping in Budgetting.

•  Explaning Pros & cons.

•  Helping in tendering & Job

•  Providing as built drawing.

•  Preparing snag list.

•  Checking bills of vendors.


•  Office interior.

•  Residential interior

•  Flat interior.

•  Resort & Villas interior.

•  Banquate hall/conference room

•  SPA & Beauty saloon.

•  Bar/ Pub

•  Play school

Adi Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a well known interior designers in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon regions. It is a leading organization in interior decoration and architect industry in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. We are professionally qualified result oriented provider for interior decoration, construction and redesign crosswise over private, homes, flats, condo, business locales, showrooms, restaurants, lodgings, shopping centers, malls, schools, universities, shops, lounges, lounge areas, cot rooms, secluded kitchen, retail chains, strength stores, shows, bars, bistros, resorts, ranch houses and different regions.

Interior designing & improvement includes furniture, fabrics, shades, compositions and styles that are deliberately chosen by an inside decorator to art a particular look in your home. The same room can look totally changed with every mix to fulfill the tastes of the room's tenants, and to give the most usefulness to their lifestyle.
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