Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices,instead of supplying goods and services................ it has always beenmy belief that a man should do his best regardless of how much he recieves for his services,or the number of people he may be serving or the class of people served.................the cat does not offer services.the cat offer itself.of he wants care and shelter.you don't buy love for nothing...................the quality of you work,in the long run,is the deciding factor on how much your services are valued by the world.............
We take the complete responsibility of your space from design to execution; from quality to time boundation and provide you the hassle free final product with the help of our expert and educated team. We also take responsibility of post handover issues.


•  Requirements froze out.

•  Site inspection & measurement.

•  Initial Planning froze out.

•  Develop Basic 3D model.

•  Finalization of basic look in 3D.

•  Preparation of service & working drawing.

•  BOQ with detail specification, make along with cost.

•  Cost control & Budgeting.

•  Detail work breakdown structure & scheduling.

•  Commencing execution on site.

•  Fortnight progress reviews.

•  Pre handover visit with
client & preparing list of snags.


•  Completing post handover snags.

•  Providing a set of as built

Our Responsibilities

•  Designing of space with all

•  BOQ with detail specification
& cost.

•  Helping in Budgetting.

•  Explaning Pros & cons.

•  Execute the site as designed.

•  Providing as built drawing.

•  Attending post handover issues.


•  Office interior.

•  Residential interior.

•  Flat interior.

•  Residential building.

•  Institutional building.

•  Office building.

•  Hospital & Nursing home.

•  Resort & Villas.